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The Library

We Must Stop The Suffering Of

The Whereabouts of Steve Caden, a Veteran struggling

  •  In my last video, I interviewed Stephan Caden.
  • An Australian Veteran, who whilst in service developed the condition known as Post-Traumatic Epilepsy.
  • Stephan Caden's money is held with the Public Trustee for and he cannot receive access to it to go towards his own shelter.
  • Jay Devereux of V360, a charity for helping veterans, has failed Stephan Caden as I have watched him go through worse and worse experiences since I first met him.
  • I received an update as to Stephan Caden's recent whereabout's on the 4th of September, 2018.
  • Then Stephan was told by all that he would be in rehab the day before, but no one showed up, no one representing the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) or from V360.
  • The Public Trustee would still not release any of Stephan Caden's own money for his own shelter.
  • As I have since found out, Jay Devereux personally picked up Stephan Caden from the Northbridge Hotel.
  • Jay drove Stephan to the hospital for some medical check-ups, Jay left him at the hospital and drove off.
  • Once the hospital had finished with Stephan's tests, they asked him to go.
  • Stephan Caden had told Jay Devereux that he was banned from the Northbridge Hotel for not washing and getting consistently hopelessly drunk each day and creating problems.
  • Jay and V360 had known this all along.
  • It just goes to prove that you don't drop a known alcoholic at a pub!
  • Then abandon him there!
  • That is not how our Veterans in trouble are supposed to be treated!

  • Stephan Caden is now living in a park down the road from the Northbridge Hotel.
  • Stephan Caden has been found recently located under a table at the Northbridge Hotel bar entrance, seeming very wet and very bedraggled.
  • Stephan Caden was spoken to a person known to The Library, opposite the Hyde Park Hotel the day before, apparently in the same awful condition.
  • Apparently, more Veterans are being dropped at the Northbridge Hotel, which is too close to a bar. The impression I have received is that they don't know why they accept what Jay is doing.

Stephan Caden's Story. Veterans, Charities and the DVA.

Published on 9 Jun 2018

I have been trying to learn as much as I can, reading articles, literature to eventually being able to read studies and make connections and really get a window into the minds of some isolated veterans who seem to be left forgotten, I came across Stephan, I met him in a nice town. He agreed to let me interview him.

I have also tried to help him get some answers and plan on doing more. The Library is getting organised and I am upping the effort in my quest to stop and understand the suffering of veterans.

Stephan joined the Navy as a General Duties Sailor, became a Meteorologist and while in Hong Kong on board a vessel, Stephan suffered a blow to the head in a conflict. He now suffers from "Post-Traumatic Epilepsy". Stephan bought a house, made money driving trucks. He had to stop driving because he couldn't anymore, lost his job, then lost his house. Shelter to another place.

Tessa from V360 got Stephan in touch with Jason Ashley Devereux, who got him accommodation. Stephan's Public Trustee pays his rent, plus he receives $20 every second day. V360 never got back. The Library showed him how to get himself to the DVA. The DVA never got back...

How can we get someone to give a damn about this Patriot! We to bloody damn do something!!

Below are some articles on the history of the founder of V360.

Also, check out The Library website and contact me via Gmail at [email protected] (The Library is in the process of being rebooted)

(Robber jailed for knife attack) Article:

(Delay-Deny-Die) Part 2

Published on 8 Jun 2018

Part 1

Do the DVA (Department of Veteran Affairs) build obstacle courses to lengthen claims payout times in keeping with their policy?

Delay - Deny - Die...

Read on and you tell me?

All to do with one total knee replacement... No more operations for Terence McLernon, he has had far too many already!

Please send your stories or experiences to Terence McLernon as he would love to hear them as we are also putting together a network.

Terence McLernons email address: [email protected]
Also, send your stories to The Library as well at or to my email address: [email protected]

This is Terence McLernon newly updated medical list, as you can see he has been through hell and back. Terence seems to think Diverticulosis is a common pattern among these veterans, and that he believes it is the first sign of a lot of ailments. This is a detail I also wish to investigate myself and try to find more correlations. The original file can be found here:

Exposure to Jet Fuel (Welcome to the Library)

G'day, My Name is Jason Harrison and Welcome to The Library.

I am about to create a website dedicated to archiving relevant documents and videos regarding the suffering of veterans. Whether from the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), Australian Defence Force (ADF) or the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA).

In the first part of this series, I will be discussing "Benzene Exposure", as countless veterans have become chronically and terminally ill as a result of being exposed to toxic jet fuels such as JP-8.
Studies have found that the damaging components of the fuel can be carried around the body to affect organs rather than just the areas directly exposed to the fuel.
There are accounts of veterans suffering from blood cancers, prostatic cancer, Diverticulosis, Leukaemia and more after being exposed to jet fuel.

I am sick and tired of seeing veterans, our patriots dying with nothing to leave for their families. Suffering from sickness barely acknowledged after serving their country.

"Benzene Exposure from Jet Fuel" affected those who worked on the infamous F1-11 Deseal/Reseal projects, the Macchi Jets, the Hornet Jets as well as the Mirage Jets and more.

Now I grew up in Bullsbrook, I have lived here for 20 years. My step-dad has been here for 30 years.
In Bullsbrook you will find Pearce RAAF Base, the main airbase in Western Australia used for advanced fighter pilot training. Pearce is also used for training by the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

I lived in a former RAAF house (currently still do) with an Asbestos roof all the days of my upbringing right across the road from the RAAF Base, only Great Northen Highway and a fence separate us.
I have experienced Bracken Water through our shower and drinking pipes which as forced my family to buy their own drinking water.

Before 911 I used to do swimming lessons at the Base with Bullsbrook District High School (BDHS), also watching movies at their cinema near the air hangers.
At school, we would all peer up at the sky as Hercules Carriers would fly over and Jets did air exercises and broke the sound barrier at rapid speeds (they still do).

The following clips I want to show you are of a camera called "The Gas-Finder" that can detect Hydrocarbons such as Benzene (Jet Fuel) as well as a 7:30 Report regarding veterans exposed to Jet Fuel.

A Veterans Fight for a Fair Go

I met Terence McLernon whilst searching through the heartland of Perth trying to find Australian Veterans who have been exposed to Jet Fuels and PFAS.
Terence had worked at Pearce RAAF Base, as well as Wagga Wagga, Gingin Airfields, Williamstown, etc.

Mr McLernon was an engineer, an air-frame fitter, a leading aircraftman. His time working on RAAF bases in service ranged from 1966 to 1975.
Terence worked on several aircrafts such as the Macchi, Sabre, Vampire and The Mirage. He also worked on the Mirages Cyrano Radar System.

I quote Terence "I whilst based at RAAF Pearce I also travelled to our satellite base situated at Gingin as ground crew assisting RAAF pilot training from its conception. We would travel led by bus each day training was carried out there. The ground waters there have since been classified as contaminated...  Jet Fuel fumes and Firefighting Foams (PFAS) were an encounter on a daily basis, yet again."

Terence John McLernon

The Sabre

The Macchi

The Vampire

The Mirage

The Mirage Cyrano Radar System

I sincerely asked Terence would he allow me to conduct and record an interview with him, but
Terence does not wish to be interviewed personally as the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) personnel do not react kindly to victims airing their medical problems and treatment by DVA publicly...

We have not sat and conversated numerous times discussing attempts to use an advocate to put in claims, his struggles coping with his fight with cancer and chronic illnesses, his opinions and overall views on the health and suffering of other veterans he has seen come and go. The one opinion on the DVA he would grant me was he considers them financially and morally bankrupt.
Terence allowed me to view the files he has saved and I have taken some photos so I could create some awareness of the conditions our veterans have been placed in.

Here below will be a few pictures of some files with links connect them for you to investigate yourselves.
With the amount of money, it takes to have Jets flying all day to train cadets for just One Day... I think the Government and Defence, as well as the DVA and RSL, could definitely afford to ensure veterans who got chronically, even terminally ill whilst in service on our RAAF bases, that they and their families could live comfortably and receive the compensation these decent men and women deserve!
This is Terence McLernon newly updated medical list, as you can see he has been through hell and back. Terence seems to think Diverticulosis is a common pattern among these veterans, and that he believes it is the first sign of a lot of ailments.
This is a detail I also wish to investigate myself and try to find more correlations.

The original file can be found here:

Here you will find HAZARDOUS MATERIALS AND SUBSTANCES IN THE RAAF by The Australian Armourers Association. There is an extraordinary amount of toxins found on our RAAF bases, please take the time to have a scope of the amounts and whether you know any veterans that were involved in these Squadrons.

This is the description Terence wrote to describe is illnesses for his claims with the assistance of an Advocate Mark Wainwright

Below will be links to give you access to several MSDS files with useful information on some of these toxins 

Methyl Ethyl Ketone link:

Senator Lee Rhiannon on the government's response to Williamtown contamination

The Turnbull government was asked to provide a report to the Senate on their response to the Williamtown contamination. The speech is Senator Rhiannon's response to the lackluster report.

Turnbull government’s ultimate insult to Williamtown
MEDIA RELEASE - 6 February 2018

Turnbull government’s ultimate insult to Williamtown

Commenting on the Turnbull government’s weak explanation regarding what consideration has been given to addressing the financial impacts of the Williamtown contamination, Greens NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon said the government’s lack of a plan was deeply insulting and would add to the hardship and uncertainty local residents and businesses are coping with.

“The Turnbull government has shown the depth of its arrogance by simply listing financial organisations they have met with,” Senator Rhiannon said.
“By withholding the recommendations and outcomes of these meetings, this explanation isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

“This is a ruthless, uncaring response from an out of touch government.

“The Defence Department has admitted total liability for the toxic runoff that continues to pollute the water and soil around the RAAF base and the government does not have the decency to provide a meaningful report on the financial impact.

“After failing to inform local residents and businesses of the contamination when the government first became aware of the crisis and after failing to compensate and buyout residents impacted by the toxic contamination, the government is continuing to drag the chain.

“This latest insult suggests the Turnbull government has given up on working to solve the Williamtown crisis that it created,” Senator Rhiannon said.

Written by The Greens Senator Rhiannon Lee on The Greens MPs section of The Australian Greens website.

Turnbull government's Williamtown contamination impact report attached as PDF:
Families of jet fuel cancer victims claim the compensation scheme is unfair
Originally posted by ABC's 7:30. Author Dan Oakes

Posted Wed 2 Sep 2015, 8:16pm
Updated Wed 2 Sep 2015, 8:16pm
After revelations that thousands of defence personnel had been exposed to toxic jet fuel, more people have come forward drawing a link between the fuel and a range of blood cancers. And they say the Department of Veterans Affairs compensation scheme is unfair.

ABC Landline - Williamtown Broadcast

Posted 2 Jul 2016, 4:48 pm

Sean Murphy

Original Article:

PIP COURTNEY, PRESENTER: The election is done and dusted, but regardless of who won, there was consensus from the major parties that more has to be done at Williamtown on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, where fishers, farmers and local residents are living under a polluted cloud of uncertainty. Their health, livelihoods and homes are at risk from possible cancer-causing chemicals used to fight fires at the Williamtown Royal Australian Air Force Base. Sean Murphy has this report on the impacts of a contamination nightmare which may be replicated around Australia in the coming years.

SEAN MURPHY, REPORTER: John Hewitt has been fishing the Hunter River for 50 years and his son, John, for more than 20. Today, their mesh net is set for mulloway, but the most productive part of the river system is now polluted with toxic chemicals and off-limits. Fullerton Cove is the nursery for the Hunter's lucrative school prawn industry and an abundance of other species that feed off them. But this year, the Hewitts and another 15 fishers licensed to catch prawns, sat idle during the six-month season.

SEAN MURPHY: The source of the contamination is the Royal Australian Air Force Base at Williamtown, just a few kilometres from Fullerton Cove. It's home to Australia's Hornet fighter jets and dangerous chemicals, listed as probable causes of cancer, have been leaking from the base for years. Like airports, refineries and other facilities around Australia, firefighters at the base have been practising with foam retardants needed to control high-temperature fires. Since 2003, Defence has known the foam contained potentially cancer-causing chemicals - perfluorooctane sulfonate and perfluorooctanoic acid, commonly known as PFOS and PFOA, and that they may have been contaminating neighbouring properties.

ADAM GILLIGAN, NSW EPA: So these are synthetic chemicals that are used in a whole range of industrial, commercial and in the past even in residential products like scotch guards and Teflon, although they've since been phased out.

SEAN MURPHY: The New South Wales Environmental Protection Authority has known about the pollution since 2011, but it was only made public in September last year.

ADAM GILLIGAN: But it wasn't until August of last year that we saw some real pathways for human health exposure because we were seeing elevated levels in fish and we were seeing elevated levels in groundwater. And it was that trigger of exposure for people in the area that caused us to go out to the community and warn them about the risks.

SEAN MURPHY: The chemicals have flowed through shallow drains like this one to Fullerton Cove and also Tilligerry Creek, upstream from Port Stephens. The EPA's Hunter region manager, Adam Gilligan, says his department's testing is only a back-up because it has no jurisdiction over Defence.

ADAM GILLIGAN: We don't really have power to require things of them, as we might with a private company. Generally speaking, when we're dealing with a private company, we've got very clear powers of entry and powers to require action to occur. Now, that isn't the case with a federal agency being managed by a state one. So it's been a different process for us. But - and look, it took a little while to establish a good working relationship with Defence and some ground rules for that relationship, but we're now in quite a productive dialogue with Defence about the testing that's occurring, the assessment that needs to occur on those results and the way forward to dealing with this issue in the local community.

SEAN MURPHY: It's not just commercial fishers affected by the contamination. There are more than 400 residents and farmers whose health, livelihoods and futures are now at risk.
Len O'Connell's 90-hectare farm has been in his wife's family since 1895, but its future is now uncertain. He's reduced his herd of mostly Angus cattle to just over 50 cows and heifers and he's worried about how safe they are.

SEAN MURPHY: The Marshall family live in what residents now call the red zone, and since the contamination was made public last year, they've been on bottled water supplied by Defence. Morning coffee, even cleaning their teeth, is a constant reminder of the threat to their health. But even with the recommended precautions, Nick and Mel Marshall still fear for their children.